Monday, 27 July 2015

Blog 2354: Lincoln Vulcans

This gala will take place at Ponds Forge on 17th October 2015 Level 2 meet. Entries for this must be with me no later than Friday 21st August 2015. Please find details on the following website.

Thank you


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Blog 2353: Viewing Gallery At West Park Wednesday 22nd July

The viewing area will be closed tonight

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blog 2352: Club Champs

Could Sydney  Diment's  parent please contact me regarding Club Champs.
Many thanks

Blog 2351: Camp 2016

Reminder - confirmation emails were meant to have been in by Friday, deposits by this Friday.
So far I have received confirmations from

Sam Frearson
Imogen Whitting
Aine O Regan
Lana Dilks
Chloe Pearson
Naomi Dilley
Beth Rae-McLean
Rebecca Beech
Chloe Blaydon
Lauren Wilcox
Theo Hamilton
Lauren Searby
Bradley evans

Blog 2350: End of Season

As most of you are now on your break with others planning for National and British success, now is the time for reflection on a tremendous season for Long Eaton S.C. With results up in every measure there is no doubt that Long Eaton S.C. is taking strides forward and becoming one of the best clubs not just in the County but in the Region and beyond.

This all seems great but we cannot rest on our laurels, we have to look forward to next season and say "how can I be better?"

So, review your own performance and ask these simple questions:

Was my attendance good enough? Unless its above 90% the answer is probably not.
How was my nutrition? Did you get the right balance of macronutriants? Did you hydrate? Did you eat the right things at the right times? - Did you ask for help?
Did I try my best in training? Everyone has off days but so long as you put the effort in then you have had a good session.
Were my skills the best they could be? Streamlining, Fly Kicks, breath control, finishes, starts, turns.
Did I listen and remember the points given to me by my coaches to improve on? Then, did I work on those points?
Were my goals set correctly? Did I hit my goals? Do I even know my goals or PB's?
Did I race enough?

So, once you've answered those questions, you need to look at what you can do to correct any negative answers; how you can improve yourself. Next season I am going to challenge all youth and age goup swimmers to qualify for the Midland Championships on the 200 IM. To do that you need speed and stamina on all four strokes, so competing on all four strokes, at all the distances, is a must. Look at your time from the Club Champs; look at the Regional Qualifying Time for your age group and set your goals to get there accordingly. Can we get 30 swimmers qualifying for the 200IM at Regionals? I believe we can - do you believe in yourself? I am working on a new goal sheet that will give you paces for the IM events automatically from your individual stroke goals, so let's get these sheets filled in and let's make Long Eaton S.C. the number one club in the Region.

You have been great this season; it's now time to go beyond greatness.

Blog 2349: Matlock Open Meet

Please find details of this meet which will take place at the Matlock Arc Pool Saturday 26th September 2015.

The closing date for this will be 20th August 2015, please make cheques payable to LESC.
Thank you

Blog 2348: DX Open Meet

Please find details of this meet which will take place at Matlock Arc Pool on 3rd/4th October. Please make cheques payable to LESC. The closing date for this is Friday 4th September 2015.
Thank you

Monday, 20 July 2015

Blog 2347: Club Champs

Thank you to all who gave up their time in the organising and running of the club championships this weekend.

The events our swimmers compete in would not run without the time generously donated by such volunteers.

Blog 2346: Capital FM arena ticket raffle results

Congratulations to our raffle winners: -

Dynamo tickets were won by Bonnie Treslove

Michael McIntyre tickets go to Anthony Lenk

Thanks to all who bought tickets in support of the club

Blog 2345: lost/found

A grey poolside draw string bag and a black and red roller have been lost at West Park yesterday, if found this belongs to Josh Bestwick.

Found in the boys area a pair of goggles and a towel. In the girls area a LESC shirt and hat.

A LESC drinks bottle containing an orange drink was left with Reception.

Thank you

Blog 2344: Club Championship results

Individual event results can now be found here

and Age Group Categories  here

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blog 2343: LTS/Loughborough /Queens

There will be NO Learn To Swim on this evening at West Park due to the Club Champs taking place. Loughborough and Queens Street also cancelled .
Thank you

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Blog 2342: Club Champs Times

This weekend gala starts at 5.15pm warm up for a 5.45pm start this is for both days at West Park Leisure Centre. We are not able to get into the pool area until after 5pm so please do not arrive too early.

Thank you to all the offers of help, please could we arrange to meet at 5.05pm to discuss your roles for the weekends events.

If you need to withdraw from any of the race please email me as soon as possible.

The admission  fee for spectators for this gala will be £1.00 and raffle tickets and prizes will also be available to purchase.

We will be holding our Christmas and Club Champs awards evening this year at Soldiers and Sailors in Long Eaton on Saturday November 21st 2015.

Thank you


Blog 2341: Take Care

We have received notification about 3 incidents involving a blue vehicle out and around the Long Eaton area. Please be vigilant when walking to and from the pool, and remind your children not to speak to strangers. Report any suspicious incidents to the police.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Blog 2340: Taunton Wrap Up

Wow, what a weekend it was for Long Eaton SC at Taunton. Our first away meet could not have gone any better. Fast swimming, smoothly run, impeccable behavior, no lateness and medals galore.

Once I get the full results from Taunton Deane I will do a full list of all the medals that were won as there are too many to mention. Yet again a 68% PB ratio for the meet with every swimmer competing in finals and breaking their own PBs set in the heats on all but 4 final races. Mimi Quinton and Bradley Evans won the 13 and under girls' and boys' skins event with Theo second on the boys' event and Naomi third on the girls' event. Mimi was second top girl and Bradley won top boy.

The 6 swimmers that went were a joy to work with and represented the club at an incredibly high standard. So much so that other coaches were googling us to find out where we had come from, with 3 separate coaches complimenting the standard of our swimmers.

This was one of the most enjoyable weekends of coaching I have ever had and I thank Duane and Nichola for their support as team managers and chaperones, and I thank the swimmers for being a joy to work with and so professional in everything they did. I do hope you enjoyed watching the finals on Periscope and following the success on twitter.

Blog 2339: Time to say farewell

As we approach the end of the season we also approach the end of an era.

Some will have already heard that Coach Alex will not be returning in September, he will be moving on to do other things.

Alex has been a member of LESC since the club's inception having been part of Treonte before merger with Trident formed the club we have now.

Alex's commitment, ideas, attitude and his thoroughly unshakable approach to LESC,  coaching and the swimmers will be deeply missed.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Alex every sucess in the future and offering an open ended invitation back if ever wishing to rejoin LESC.

Blog 2338: This Girl Can

Photographs of two of Long Eaton's Masters were starring on billboards in Nottingham's Broadmarsh Shopping Centre last weekend. Helen and Maggi were chosen to support the "This Girl Can"Campaign.

This Girl Can is a national campaign developed by Sport England and a wide range of partnership organisations. It's a celebration of active women up and down the country who are doing their thing no matter how well they do it, how they look or even how red their face gets.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Blog 2337: Raffle tickets and LESC tattoos

A reminder that the raffle tickets for 2 Michael McIntyre tickets and 2 Dynamo tickets are still available at £2.50 per raffle ticket.

We now have LESC logo temporary tattoos available for purchase as well.

Both tickets and tattoos will be available on the door at club champs

Blog 2336: Club Championships - Final Programme

This can now be found here .

Friday, 10 July 2015

Blog 2335: Miami Camp Meeting

There will be a Miami Camp meeting held Tuesday 14th July after training at West Park in the café area.

Thank you