Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Blog 2781: Miami Journey Day

What an eventual journey that was, the main thing is we are all here safe and sound which is a massive improvement on last year. So from the train journey down with the police being called to the 45 minuets of rough (worse Ive ever had) turbulence it was an eventful day rounded off with the now customary Wendy's for tea before checking into the hotel. We did manage to get straight to the hotel this year as not having 4 back seat drives made a massive difference.

The hotel is really nice as you will see from the pictures below, the eating/lounge area is very impressive. Its only 7 minutes from the pool and we have already seen Ruta Meilutyte, Fran Hassal, Liam Tancock, Ben Proud and James Guy train. Whilst we have trained along side the Hungarian, Polish, Austrian and Canadian National teams. It seems to be a full international team camp week or two.

This morning we did a loosen with some work on body position and a nice med ball kick set, as the pool have changed our Short Course and Long Course sessions round along with having so many people using the gym I have had to completely redo the programme so this afternoon will be Wednesday mornings kick set.

The weather is a cool 16 degrees and overcast however it is ment to be warming up towards the weekend with highs of 24 degrees.

Some classic out of the mouths of babes for you.

Who was the president during the American Civil War? "George Clooney"
"Austria is in America isnt it?"
"this is harder than Labor" meaning laboring work

Its going to be a long camp!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Blog 2780: It's test week!

Today marks the beginning of test week, so can everybody make the effort to attend as many sessions as possible to get the best possible scores!

Blog 2779: whilst spens away...

A squad is to train with YnS on Tuesday/Friday (west park) and Sunday's (Loughborough).

B squad sessions remain as normal except on Sunday where they move to west park to train with C squad.

AG/YnS prestige session on Thursday 7 till 8 pm at trent will be cancelled.

This will remain the same for two weeks except on the 20/21st of February where all sessions are cancelled due to the counties.

Learn to swim is unaffected.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Blog 2778: A squad

Could all swimmers that are in the A squad who normally swim at Trent on Tuesday's and Friday's there will be a change this week and the following week, these swimmers will swim alongside youth and senior squads at west park.

Blog 2777: County Championship

Looking the part is the start to being in the right mind set to compete.

With the Counties fast approaching make sure you have your LESC poolside T-shirts and swimcaps, (club colours are a must).

Graham will be attendance at West Park pool between 5pm and 6.30pm on the next 2 Sundays with a full range of sizes of T-Shirts and swimcaps

Alternatively email if you know what you need

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Blog 2776: Arena Team Results

Finally the West Midlands have released the results from the Arena League and the A team finished in their 2nd every highest position coming 7th in the league.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Blog 2775: Loughborough 7th February

Due to the DX gala taking place there will be NO training this Sunday at Loughborough. No other sessions are affected.


Blog 2774: Derventio gala 5/6/7 February

The warm up time for Friday is 5pm for 6pm start, Saturday and Sunday morning session is 8am for 9am start and the afternoon session is 12.30pm for 1.30pm.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Blog 2773: Loughborough Pool

Unfortunately I did not blog the pool closure for Loughborough , sorry to all of those swimmers that turned up yesterday including myself.


Blog 2772: Derventio 9th/10th April

Entries are now being taken for this meet, full details can be found on the following website http://www.derventioexcel.org.uk/event/derventio-excel-10th-open-meet-level-1-1em160046-ponds-forge-sheffield/

The closing date is 1st March 2016, please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swimming Club, no email entries are accepted.

Blog 2771: Rushmoore Royals open meet

Entries are now being taken for this gala, the closing date is 17th February 2016, full details can be found on the following website http://www.rushmoorroyals.org.uk/

No emailed entries, cheques made payable to Long Eaton Swimming Club.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Blog 2770: Derbyshire County Championships

The draft programme is now available to view  here   Please could you notify myself if there are any errors.
Thank you

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Blog 2769: Huge Thanks

To all those who volunteered today and helped to make this day a success I would like to express my gratitude and that of the Long Eaton Swimming Club.

These events would not run without the time so generously given.

Our thanks is also extended to our visiting coaches and swimmers, we sincerely hope you had a great day..

We look forward to seeing you again at our distance meet later this year

Blog 2768: Sour end to a great day

Whilst I should be writing a report on how well the club did today, finishing top club with more swimmers gaining Regional qualifying times etc, I will not be writing more than that about it. Unfortunately old habits have creeped back into the club. Attached are 2 pictures of the mess that was left behind by our swimmers, I managed to get the pictures before all of it was cleaned away as most had been and you cannot see the mass of grapes and sweets under the seats in these pictures. Simply put it is not acceptable. Swimmers leaving this kind of mess at any meet in the future will be dealt with through disciplinary actions. Along with this we had reports of our swimmers miss behaving in the changing rooms from the center staff, boys slapping and picking on another a boy and girls throwing hats with water in them around. There are no excuses for this and it stops now! I normally do not wash my dirty laundry in public but this has ruined a very successful day for the club and for the majority of swimmers, leaving me no choice but to do this post. Myself and Duane will be talking to set up a system for the correct and swift dealing of such instances should this warning not be adhered to and standards drop again


Friday, 22 January 2016

Blog 2767: Time Trial Results 16th Jan

The results are now available on the website

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Blog 2766: Licensed Officials - Derventio eXcel February Festival 2016

A request for assistance from Derventio for licensed officials to such their event at Ponds Forge on the 5th to the 7th February.

They are in need of all levels of licensed officials including Referees for all sessions.

Any willing volunteers please get in touch directly with Derventio promoter.openmeet@derventioexcel.org.uk  please include your qualification and licence number
They are often short of officials for the distance events on Friday,
They always endeavour to provide a warm welcome and lots of refreshment for the duration of the meet. This year they are offering officials a lunch voucher which can be redeemed in the cafe.                  

Blog 2765: Leicester League round up

Last weekend saw a great start to the Leicester League competition with Long Eaton finishing in second place behind Rugby. Notching up several winners in multiple age groups gave Long Eaton a strong platform to build on, and the more the gala went on, the more it became about who was finishing in the other placings in each race, and this is where Rugby eventually came out winners. At Long Eaton, we use the Leicester league as competitive experience for swimmers who don't usually enter galas, or who may not have necessarily had a team place in the Arena League competition. It's a credit to those swimmers on Saturday that displayed a huge amount of team spirit, skill, and competitiveness that gives Long Eaton a strong core of swimmers to build on.

Blog 2764: Disney On Ice

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham (previously Capital FM Arena) have once again very kindly supported our open meet through the donation of tickets for events.

We will be raffling 2 pairs of tickets for the Disney on Ice event 12th to the 15th May 2016 and later this year 2 tickets to a Nottingham Panthers game of the winners choice.

Tickets will be on sale from tonight through your squad reps, on the door at the open meet or email chair@longeatonswimmingclub.org.uk  to arrange

Raffle tickets cost £2.50 all proceeds to towards club activities

Monday, 18 January 2016

Blog 2763: Open Meet Round Up

A superb weekend of swimming for Long Eaton SC saw club records fall, regional times gained and Esther Halford qualify for Olympic Trials on the 400fr. What also impressed me was the understanding swimmers are developing for processes and outcomes and the professional manor they are starting to handle themselves with, even after a long day staying and warming down properly. Little things like this will make massive differences further down the line. The understanding of doing things right is great and learning valuable lessons like - when their swims are, is so important, so they can warm down, recover, refuel and be ready to go again in time! With this knowledge and development swimmers saw in Esthers swim the long term outcome of the way we do things at Long Eaton. We follow a pathway to performance and do not rush to get easy early success. Swimmers trusted in swim processes like number of fly kicks off the wall, number of breaths on a 50, holding stroke skills etc to post some very impressive Long Course times, many of which were the first Long Course open meet swims since May last year, realising that when these skills are set in stone outcomes will be easy to come by. The difference between Long Course swimming and Short Course swimming is massive, and after having a successful Short Course season swimmers have to effectively re learn how to race. Conversion times are a only a rough guide and are not that accurate. For Example Katinka Hosszu the womens 400IM world record holder Short Course in 4:19 has not been under 4:30 Long Course however her converted time is 4:25.7. Also pleasing was the manner in which the parents poolside handled themselves and learnt about the process procedure supporting their children and encouraging them not worry about the clock but how they swam. Now only if those parents would wear Orange tops and "bleed orange", just like the Stealers fans!!!!!!!! sorry Duanne and Russell couldnt resist.

Blog 2762: Helpers for Sunday

If anyone is able to help out at our open meet this Sunday please could you email me.  The morning session will start for warm up at 8am for a 9am start, the afternoon session warm up 1pm for a 2pm start.

Thank you