Saturday, 23 May 2015

Blog 2296: SKINS vs CRPS

A massive thank you to all that came and competed last night. The feedback has been positive and getting the club together for competitions such as this is something I am looking at doing on a more regular basis maybe finally getting round to the BIG 50 we planned on doing some time ago. Kay watched the event online through the periscope app and we managed to raise £145 to help go towards her treatment. According to her mum she is determined to beat this illness and return to training. I happy to report that the winners of the skins made additional contributions to Kay's treatment from their winnings and in a sign of great sportsmanship Kye Hazelton split his winnings with Beth RaeMcLeann after beating her by .1 of a second in the final SKINS of the night.Thanks to Debbie Blaydon for collecting the money and team managing the swimmers.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Blog 2295: Club Secretary

On behalf of the committee I would like to extend our thanks to Beth Torrington for her work as club secretary during the past year plus, and is now stepping down from this role.

We are delighted that Beth is able to continue to assist with other club activities including officiating.

Blog 2294: Nottingham Northern Gala Team Managers

Huge thanks to all of those of you who responded to the request for team managers for this gala.

We are pleased to have had such a very positive response.

There are always plenty of opportunities to get involved with club activities and the help always gratefully received.

If you would like to know more on how to become involved please do not hesitate to ask your Squad representative or email

Blog 2293: Bank Holiday Monday

There will be NO training at West Park or Trent this Monday 25th May. The gym session will also be cancelled.

Thank you


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blog 2292: Skins night

Here are the details for SKINS night this Friday.The heats have been drawn to race people of differing abilities and are seeded to give everyone a chance at progressing. Warm up is between 8 and 8:10 so feel free to attend the pre pool session before hand to extend your warm up. The heats will start approximately as below with each round being on 3 minuets. Swimmers will start on the alloted starting time (in seconds) for every round they qualify for with the last swimmer to finish in each round being eliminated until there is one heat champion. Any swimmer who goes before their alloted start time will be disqualified and therefore be the swimmer eliminated from that round. The entry fee is £5 for each heat you are in (not round) so those swimmers racing in more than one heat will need to pay £5 per heat. The winner will receive half the pot for their heat with the other half going towards Kay Gouldens treatment. No additional entries will be taken on the night however there are 2 spots for the breaststroke heats should anyone wish to email me today or tomorrow before 3pm. Any youth and Senior swimmer not down to compete may train along side A squad at Trent College between 6 and 7pm.

Warm UP 8-8:10 pm
Heat 1 Approximate start time 20:15.00
Heat 2 Approximate start time 20:16.30
Heat 3 Approximate start time 20:30.00
Heat 4 Approximate start time 20:30.30
Heat 5 Approximate start time 20:48.00
Heat 6 Approximate start time 20:49.30
Heat 7 Approximate start time 21:04.00

Heat 1 Stroke Lane Start Time Heat 2 Stroke Lane Start Time
Joesph Searby Free 1 0 Hannah Searby Free 1 0
Flynn Musson Free 2 5 Lewis Tipping Free 2 5
Aine O Regan Free 3 7 Beth RM Free 3 8
Imogen M Free 4 8 Lauren W Free 4 9
Mollie Daniels Free 5 9 Gregory Cox Free 5 10
Oliver T Free 6 11 Jo P Free 6 11
Heat 3 Stroke Lane Start Time Heat 4 Stroke Lane Start Time
Chloe Pearson Free 1 0 Joesph Searby Breast 1 0
Ben Webster Free 2 5 Lauren Searby  Breast 2 7
Beth D Free 3 6 Megan Kelly Breast 3 11
Chris Stray Free 4 7 James Webster Breast 4 13
Bradley Evans Free 5 8 Hannah Cox Breast 5 16
Sam Pearson Free 6 10     6  
Heat 5   Lane Start Time Heat 6   Lane Start Time
Katie T Breast 1 0 Ben Tipping Fly 1 0
Anna Pancisi Breast 2 10 Beth RM Back 2 1
Daniel foss Breast 3 13 Aine O Regan Fly 3 1
Sam Pearson Breast 4 17 Jo P Back 4 6
Adam Freundlich Breast 5 19 Chloe Blaydon Fly 5 7
    6   Callum Henley Fly 6 10
Heat 7   Lane Start Time
Hannah Searby Fly 1 0
Chloe Pearson Fly 2 4
Lauren Searby Back 3 4
Beth RM Fly 4 7
Imogen W Back 5 10
Kye H Fly 6 11

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Blog 2291: Competition Talk

A reminder that there will be a talk on competitions, how to and what to enter, this Saturday morning during the swimming session at West Park. Any C squad parents who wish to attend can have their swimmers train alongside B and A squad whilst the talk is going on.

Blog 2290: Nottingham Northern Gala 28th June

I am urgently in need of 2 Team Managers for this gala. You could help out for the morning or afternoon session , there will be 2 Team managers at  each session. If you have never done this job before, training will be provided. We need this help to make the smooth running of this gala. We at present have NO Team Managers to help on this day.
Team managing is a fun and enjoyable way to help your club and enjoy the action from the poolside.
Please email me as soon as possible if you're interested.

Thank you for your help.

Blog 2289: Skins/Camp

This is a final reminder for all those that want to take part in either the skins or the training camp. The skins entry will be closed on Wednesday after Youth and Senior training at West Park and the camp will be closed on Friday after the Youth and Senior training session at West Park. No additions will be made after these dates.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Blog 2288: Thank you

A big thank you to all officials, team managers, time keepers, volunteers and coaches who attended and support galas this weekend.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Blog 2287: Yellow Finis Snorkel

Please could swimmers check if they have the correct snorkel . Sky Torrington has the incorrect snorkel in his wet bag . Sky's is a yellow adult snorkel with his name written on it  and he has a junior snorkel.
Thank you

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Blog 2286: Carnival

We are holding a stall again at Long Eaton Carnival which will take place on Saturday 20th June. We will be holding a tombola stall and a cake stall , Please can you  let us have any items that will be suitable for the stall no later than Monday 15th June .Please no glass items.  Items maybe given to Kim/Ang or your squad reps
 Also we will require all you bakers to bake us some yummy cakes, biscuits muffins, brownies etc.
We will collect these either Friday 19th or on the day. Remember to label your tins and also let us know what you've baked.
We are always wanting helpers on the stall, even if you can pop down for the odd hour this would be a great help, we have a good day and fingers crossed the weather is nice for us.
Thank you

Friday, 15 May 2015

Blog 2285: Alterations to Sunday training

Due to last weekend's gala cancellation we are short staffed this weekend for coaches as I am at the replacement meet in Sheffield. Therefore the following alterations need to be made so all swimmers get a coached session.

A Squad will train alongside YNS and Prestige at Loughborough 4-6. Only 36 swimmers are allowed in the pool (12 per lane), therefore spaces will go to the swimmers who normally attend this session first and then it will be first come first served if needed.

B squad will train alongside C squad at West Park 6-7pm.

Sorry for the late notice but I have been trying to arrange cover up until now.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Blog 2284: Taunton Deane

A massive thank you to Duane and Debbie for helping get this off the ground and making it as cheap as possible for the swimmers. We are taking a small team to this open meet and the experience they will get from it will be second to none. Hopefully next season we will have more swimmers ready to step up.

Blog 2283: Miami 2016

We are going back to Pinecrest for our camp next year. The planned dates are Feb 8th till 18th inclusive and if we can get everything booked in the next couple of weeks depending on price increases and exchange rates its looking like the cost will initially be around £1000 per swimmer plus food (approx £30 a day - we spent less last year). Some ideas for fund raising that everyone going to the camp must be involved in so far have been Saturday morning cake stand, Car boot, clothes for cash and name the teddy. If we get the fundraising right we could match Rykneld's £5000 or Swadlincote's £4000 efforts for their camps and seriously reduce the cost of the camp. So far we have 12 names on the board. I'd like to take a team of 20, so sign up as soon as you can for this amazing experience. Again this is open to any swimmer over the age of 12.

Blog 2282: SKINS Night

SKINS night is coming up quick (Friday 22nd May 2015) and we need more names on the board. Remember this is a fun charity evening for everyone in the club no matter what standard. £5 to enter; the heats will seeded to give everyone a fair chance of winning, with half the heats pot going to the winner of each heat (up to £15). So sign up on the notice board at West Park, put down the stroke you want to do and your p.b. so that heats can be seeded beforehand. We'd like as many parents down to support and make the atmosphere buzzing.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Blog 2281: Coventry wrap up

A great weekend for the small but merry band of Long Eaton swimmers who took part in the Coventry open meet. We had 33 swims over the weekend and 27 long course personal bests. Not only that but the professionalism shown by the team was second to none, high class skills, stroke improvements, understanding and completing warm ups and pre pool as prescribed and swimming down without fail between races. A major step up from those that attended. No litter left and easy to manage swimmers a credit to the club, the same can't be said for other clubs as I was walking through the changing room dodging cobs and drinks bottles at the end of the gala. The last session where swims normally drop off saw Long Eaton have a 100% record of Long Course PBs, this shows what proper nutrition (only club not eating sweets on poolside), hydration and personal management can do. #happyproudcoach

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Blog 2280: Eckington Gala 10th May

The warm up time for morning session is 8.00am warm up for 9.00am start. Afternoon session is TBC. Please arrive 10 minutes before warm up to start your blood flow. Remember NO mobiles or devices with cameras are allowed on poolside
The address is

Eckington Swimming Pool
Gosber Street, Eckington, Derbyshire S21 4DA, United Kingdom

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Blog 2279: Shoes

Could all swimmers who swam at Trent last night  check to see if they have the correct shoes, Alex Kitto has mistakenly picked up a pair of  Clarkes black shoes with 3 velco strips size 5.5 E. Someone is now walking around in a pair of 4.5 F.
Thank you

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Blog 2278: Sunday 10th May 2015

Due to galas taking place on Sunday there will be NO training at Queens Street and Loughborough.

Thank you

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Blog 2277: Taunton Deane

Last chance for entries into this gala. It is a level 3 gala and those that qualify can enter. We are using this as a stay away gala to further swimmers' education and it is a great opportunity for swimmers to compete in another pool against new opposition, with no distractions. It is amazing how often swimmers out perform themselves under these circumstances, so it is definitely worth doing. A great opportunity to post Regional and County Qualifying Times.