Friday, 24 November 2017

Blog 3263: Chesterfield Winter Meet Accepted Entries

Please find below the accepted entriesd for the Chesterfield Winter Meet.

Please check the times carefully and advise any errors to Please note no changes to entry times will be made.


Blog 3262: Anniversary Hats

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of Long Eaton Swimming Club, following the merger of Trident SC and Treonte SC.
To mark the occasion the committee has arranged for each swimming member to receive a commemorative hat and these will be available for collection from your squad rep.

Blog 3261: Last Call for Named Hats

See Blog 3252.

I will be placing the order for these first thing Monday morning so please email ASAP if you haven't already done so.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Blog 3260: Committee Changes

On Saturday the 18th November we held our Annual General Meeting where elections to committee were held.

I would like to welcome the following individuals: -

Siobhan Morton - Club Secretary
Shanti Hunter - Membership Secretary
Liz Simpson - Swimming Secretary
Catherine Tipping - Committee member
Helen Dalton - Committee member
Helen Tunnicliffe - Committee member

I would also like to thank the following individuals who have stepped down

Gillian Currie
Sarah Pearson
Joanne Hazelton
Nichola Rae-McLean

The positions of Chair and Vice Chair remain unfilled, if you are interested please email

Blog 3259: Addition to the Coaching Team

I am pleased to announce that we officially welcome Chloe Blaydon to our coaching team

Many will know Chloe from training, lifeguarding or as a junior coach

Blog 3258: County Squad Coach

I would like to officially welcome our new County Squad Coach Ollie Purgavie

You may have already seen Ollie working poolside during sessions or galas.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Blog 3257: House Cup (National Squad) Update

In the house cup scores going into the last month of the cycle we have a new leader in National squad.

The top 3 are

Lana Dilks 179
Aine O'Regan 167
Finlay Moss 161

The House scores for National squad are

Mako House                  340
Bull House                    552
Hammerhead House     0
Tiger House                  154
Thresher House            64

Monday, 20 November 2017

Blog 3256: Arena cross offs

The dates for this years arena league have been out for over a year now, the initial squad was released in July. The "tick sheets" should just be a confirmation now of you attending or letting us know if you are making your own way there, not for you to withdraw from the team. As a club this is our National competition and one we ask everyone to keep dates free for, which is why we release them so early. Any withdrawals should of been made in July or August when the squad was announced, so that teams could be picked from available swimmers, if you are withdrawing for a "previous engagement" you must of know about this in July or August so should of told me then. To withdraw at this point weakens the team regardless of whether you are doing one swim or seven and therefore you are letting the club and your team mates down.

Blog 3255: Morning Training

Please remember that morning training starts at 6am with pre pool.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Blog 3254: Bath Open Meet Warm Up Times and Accepted Entries

Please find below the link to the final accepted entries for the Bath Open meet.

Final Accepted Entries

Warm Up Times are as follows:

Friday 17th November
Session 1 - Warm Up 6.15pm Start 6.45pm

Saturday 18th November (all warm ups are 1hour and 5 minutes before the session start time)
Session 2 - Warm Up 8.15am Start 9.20am
Session 3 - Warm Up 12.00pm Start 1.05pm
Session 4 - Warm Up 3.40pm Start 4.45pm

Sunday 19th November (all warm ups are 1hour and 5 minutes before the session start time)
Session 5 - Warm Up 8.15am Start 9.20am
Session 6 - Warm Up 12.10pm Start 1.15pm
Session 7 - Warm Up 4.10pm Start 5.15pm

Blog 3253: Derbyshire Junior Grand Prix Round 3 Information

Please note the following details for the final round of the Derbyshire Junior Grand prix this Saturday 18th November.

The venue is Sharley Park Leisure Centre at Market Street, Clay Cross S45 9LX.
Please note car parking is limited.

Warm Up is 5.30pm for a 6.15pm start.

As this is the last round the awards for the grand prix series will be presented at the end of this round. There will be awards for the top 3 scoring girls and boys (accumulation of FINA points over all rounds) in each age group and a top club award based on scoring from top 10 finish placings in each event.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Blog 3252: Named Hats

We will be doing another hat order, in which we can include named hats if anyone wishes. These will be the orange silicon hats with black logo.
The cost will be around £8/10 per hat (paid on delivery) and in order to get delivery by Christmas we need to submit the order in the next 14 days.
Please email if you wish to place an order - please include the name and quantity required.

Blog 3251: Peterborough

12 swimmers from Long Eaton made their way to Peterborough to compete at the novice gala. This was an ideal opportunity for swimmers to gain valuable racing experience and those that went took it with aplomb. Some great times and medals were achieved by swimmers but more importantly skill development and process education were started.  This gala is one to look out for on next years programme and hopefully we can 30 swimmers there instead of 12.

Blog 3250: Arena A team

Following the results of recent galas and times from the previous 2 rounds I have made a couple of changes that allows us to strengthen our B team without weakening our A team. Performance have been tremendous this year and with a good final round the A team could sneak into the top 10 and the B team finish in their highest ever position.

Girls Open Boys Open
Summer Kennedy James Webster
Emily Osbourne Ryan reader
Esther Halford Harry Charitos
Hannah Cox Matt Cross
Jess Cross Rhys Llyweln
Chloe Bates

Girls 15 and Under Boys 15 and Under
Naomi Dilley Daniel McFerran
Lana Dilks Thomas Strachen

Bradley evans
Isabella Askham Mathew Fearn

Girls 13 and Under Boys 13 and Under
Phoebe Golton Alexander Harrand
Harmony Torrington Luke Witten
Hannah Searby Finlay Moss
Freya Birkin Benjamin Tipping
Hattie Cook

Girls 11 and Under Boys 11 and Under
Maia Hunter James Bartram
Matilda Hase Oliver Osborne
Isabel Wright Arron Simpson
Su Alpan Lukas Barto-Smith
Plaifa Punthakeirtpaisarn Thomas Dalton

Blog 3249: Arena League B Team

Female Male
Girls Open Boys Open
Mollie Daniels Steve barrett
Beth Rae Mclean Sam Parker
Chloe Blaydon Oliver Tipping
Lauren Searby Theo Hamilton
Aine Oregan Sam Pearson

Girls 15 and Under Boys 15 and Under
Immogen Mellor Patching Lewis Tipping
Summer Wood George Casartelli
Olivia Stevenson Rory Batchelor
Holly Cooke Joseph Searby

Girls 13 and Under Boys 13 and Under
Tamzin Meese Benjamin Mellor
Jasmine Bryan William Baxter
Hannah Dodic George Amor-Hughes
Kathleen Humphrey Sky Torrington
Katie Cooke
Abbie Hall
Girls 11 and Under Boys 11 and Under
Maisie Fullerton William Mellor
Sophie Cooper Joseph Cooper
Abbie Tunnicliffe Matthew Douglas
Alice Leek Ethan Douglas
Phoebe Warwick Spencer Doherty

Monday, 13 November 2017

Blog 3248: Accepted entries Derbyshire Long Course Sprints

Please find attached the link to the accepted entries for the Long Course Sprint Meet on Sunday3rd December at Ponds Forge.

Please check all entries carefully:

DASA Long Course Sprints Accepted Entries
Please address queries to: Connor Donson (

Please advise of withdrawals to: Joyce Mellor (

Officials are required to help at the DASA long course competition at Ponds Forge on Sunday 3rd December. If you are available to help officiating, please let Ann Basford know as soon as you can at:

Blog 3247: Changes to training 18th & 19th November

Due to the Bath open meet taking place this weekend there will be the following changes to training:

Saturday 18th

7.30am - 9.30am - JD1 and JD2 to train
No training for National Squad or Midland Squad (Land and Pool)

Sunday 19th November

4pm - 6pm  - Jd1 and JD2 to train at Loughborough University Pool
All training cancelled for National Squad, Midland Squad and County Squad.

Blog 3246: Open meet closing date reminders

Just a reminder of the following closing dates for forthcoming Open Meets:

City of Derby L1 January Open meet - closing date Monday 13th November
LESC January Open meet - closing date Friday 17th November
LESC Big 50 - closing date Sunday 26th November

It is very important that you make sure that your entries are in the box at West Park by the closing dates - these dates will be before the actual closing date of the meet however I need time to process the entries. I will empty the box the day after each closing date so any entries received after the relevant dates will not be processed.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Blog 3425: Finis Kit

On Tuesday 21st November we have double Commonwealth Gold medalist Ross Davenport coming to West Park to go through the benefits of the kit that the coaches have selected for the swimmers. A coaches "wish list" will be sent out via email today. Ross will be around at 7pm till 8pm so please take this opportunity to see him and learn from his vast knowledge. It could sort out a few Christmas presents as well!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Blog 3424: Midland Winter Meet

Last weekend saw swimmers from both Long Eaton's home programme and Long Eaton's DX swimmers compete at the Midlands Winter Meet. All the swimmers shown performed well at the meet especially as this meet was Long Course this season and the swimmers were unrested. Below is a list of all Long Eaton swimmers placing at the meet with Hannah Cox and Summer Kennedy making finals. #orangeandproud

Name Event
Bradley Evans 100 Freestyle 23rd (15/under)
Bradley Evans 50 Freestyle 9th (15/Under)
Chloe Bates 100 Breaststroke 14th
Chloe Bates 200 Breaststroke 14th
Esther Halford 400 Freestyle 22nd
Hannah Cox 100 Breaststroke 23rd
Hannah Cox 50 Breaststroke 6th
James Webster 100 Breaststroke 18th
James Webster 200 Breaststroke 20th
Megan Hanson 100 Breaststroke 16th (15/under)
Megan Hanson 200 Breaststroke 19th (15/Under)
Naomi Dilley 200 Backstroke 29th
Rhys Llewellyn 100 Backstroke 34th
Rhys Llewellyn 100 Freestyle 61st
Rhys Llewellyn 50 Backstroke 21st
Rhys Llewellyn 50 Freestyle 53rd
Ryan Reader 50 Freestyle 5th
Ryan Reader 100 Freestyle 2nd
Ryan Reader 200 Freestyle 2nd
Ryan Reader 400 Freestyle 2nd
Ryan Reader 1500 Freestyle 2nd
Ryan Reader 200 Individual Medley 9th
Samuel Pearson 100 Breaststroke 39th
Samuel Pearson 100 Butterfly 61st
Summer Kennedy 100 Butterfly 24th
Summer Kennedy 100 Freestyle 7th
Summer Kennedy 200 Freestyle 11th
Summer Kennedy 50 Butterfly 19th
Summer Kennedy 50 Freestyle 20th

Chloe Bates DX  Medley Relay 3rd
Summer Kennedy DX  Medley Relay 3rd
Ryan Reader DX Free Relay 2nd
Harry Charitos DX Free Relay 2nd
Matt Cross LE Free Relay 8th
Sam Pearson LE Free Relay 8th
Sam Parker LE Free Relay 8th
Rhys Llewellyn LE Free Relay 8th
Ryan Reader DX  Medley Relay 2nd
Harry Charitos DX  Medley Relay 2nd
Summer Kennedy DX Free Relay 2nd