Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blog 2872: DX

Please can I have all entries to me by Tuesday 17th May before 8.30pm, no late entries will be accepted and I cannot accept emailed entries.

Thank you


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Blog 2871: A squad/ B squad Sunday

Due to the Eckington gala taking place on Sunday there will be No training for the B Squad.

A squad are to train at Loughborough pool from 3 till 4 on Sunday. This will be followed by land training after.

Blog 2870: Diddy League Round Two

The following swimmers have been selected to represent Long Eaton Swimming Club in the second round of the diddy league competition. Could the swimmers below please indicate their availability either by replying to the email, ticking off the board or informing the coach.

Date: Saturday 21st May
Venue: Bramcote Leisure Centre
Warm Up: 6.30pm


Fred Buckingham, Aaron Simpson, Patrick Hodgson

Sky Torrington, Ben Mellor

Elliot Box, Luke Witten, George Buckingham, Harrison Frearson

Samuel Hardy, Finlay Moss, Joseph Searby, Benjamin Tipping


Jemma Dilley, Su Alpan, Isabel Wright

Hattie Cook, Scarlett Wood, Sophie Goodman

Freya Birkin, Emilie Wright, Harriet Bebbington, Phoebe Golton,

Harmony Torrington, Imogen Mellor Patching, Chloe Pearson

Blog 2869: DX Level 3

DX level 3 entries are open, this is a first come first served meet so please get your entries in ASAP. This is a great prep gala for all the remaining competitions, if you are going to High Wycombe it will give great long course experience, if you are at club champs coming from Long Course down to Short Course is always a great feeling and if you are going to British/Home Nation championships its another great way to get some long course race experience even if you are too fast for the events you have qualified for. Finally if you have never raced long course before this is a great opportunity to do so. I want a massive team going and hopefully we'll have some fun things planned as a team. Parents sitting high up the back at Ponds Forge is not sitting opposite the swimmers. You must sit opposite the swimmers, I want them to see your support, so wear your Orange T shirts and sit together, 1 club 1 team.

Blog 2868: Eckington Meet Sunday 8th May

Warm up details are as follows:

Morning is 8.30am for 9.30 start
Afternoon is 1pm for 2pm start

Eckington Leisure Centre
Gosber Street
S21 4DA

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Blog 2867: Youth Midlands

What an amazing weekend for Long Eaton swimmers both from the home programme and Derventio Excell. The weekend saw massive improvements in performance levels and all the work we have been doing over this cycle to get ready for long course competition pay off. The tactics we used throughout the weekend worked and saw swimmers smash personal best times and come back with the clubs biggest number of finalist. The relay teams stood up and were counted, against lots bigger squads and clubs with individuals coming out with times quicker than the short course best in the splits. Below is a list of all Long Eatons swimmers performances from the weekend but to break it down for the individual swims. We had 77 individual swims over the weekend, 46 went on to final, 2 golds, 4 silvers, 6 bronze and 2 over all Regional Champions. Time wise, of the 77 swims, 28 were personal best times and 30 were season best times. Overall an impressive weekend for LESC and DX.

name event heat final place
Adam Freundlich m 100 br 01:05.77 01:05.56 1
Adam Freundlich M 50 br 00:30.34 00:29.95 1
Bethany Rae Mclean W 200 Fly 02:39.31 02:42.50 8
Bethany Rae Mclean W 50 fly 00:32.12 00:32.19 9
Bethany Rae Mclean W 100 fly 01:13.19
Bethany Rae Mclean W 400IM 05:33.04
Bradley Evans M 100 fr 19:29.26
Chelsea Eley W 50 Bk 00:32.81 00:33.07 7
Chloe Bates W 200 Br 02:43.19 02:42.90 2
Chloe Bates W 400IM 05:05.69 05:08.27 2
Chloe Bates W 200 IM 02:25.23 02:26.22 5
Chloe Bates W 800 fr 09:31.10
Chloe Bates W 100 br 01:16.70 01:17.48 7
Chloe Bates W 100 Fly 01:07.31 01:09.47 10
Chloe Blaydon W 50 fly 00:31.39
Eden Michell W 100 Fly 01:07.86
Eden Michell W 50 fly 00:30.86
Edward Martin M 200 fly 02:16.73 02:13.47 3
Edward Martin M 100 fly 01:00.54 01:01.90 8
Edward Martin m 200 fr 02:06.05
Edward Martin M 100 fr 00:57.01
Emily Osbourne w 100 bk 01:06.09 01:07.34 3
Emily Osbourne W 200 bk 02:22.44 02:23.19 3
Emily Osbourne W 200 IM 02:25.14 02:35.68 6
Emily Osbourne W 100 Fly 01:07.28 01:06.76 7
Emily Osbourne W 100 fr 01:01.67
Esther Halford W 800 fr 09:31.13
Esther Halford W 200 fr 02:15.14 02:10.17 3
Esther Halford W 100 fr 01:02.80 01:03.42 8
Esther Halford w 400 fr 04:39.11 04:37.04 9
Esther Halford W 100 Fly 01:10.41
Esther Halford W 200 IM 02:38.73
Hannah Dowell W 50 fr 00:28.87 00:28.62 8
Hannah Dowell W 50 fly 00:31.88
Hannah Dowell W 100 fr 01:04.43
Harmony Torrington W 800 fr 10:21.03
Harry Charitos M 50 bk 00:28.71 00:28.45 2
Harry Charitos M 100 Bk 01:00.75 01:01.04 4
Harry Charitos M 100 fr 00:55.24
Harry Charitos M50 fr 00:25.36
Harry Charitos M 200 Bk 02:12.71 DQ 3/0
Helen Gorman W 200 Br 02:48.00 02:45.67 5
Helen Gorman W 100 br 01:16.84 01:15.49 5
Imogen Whiting W 50 Bk 00:33.30 00:33.35 7
Imogen Whiting w 100 bk 01:12.20
Imogen Whiting W 50 fr 00:29.87
James Webster M 200 br 02:40.31 02:40.82 5
James Webster m 100 br 01:15.62 01:16.93 8
James Webster M 50 br 00:36.14
Joshua Beech M 50 br 00:32.93 00:32.88 3
Joshua Beech m 100 br 01:13.16 01:14.56 6
Joshua Beech M 100 fr 00:58.08 00:58.89 8
Joshua Beech M 200 br 02:48.08
Joshua Beech M50 fr 00:26.67
Lana Dilks W 50 Bk 00:35.02
Lana Dilks W 50 br 00:39.98
Molly Findler W 200 Br 02:50.82 02:57.48 5
Molly Findler W 100 br 01:21.85 01:20.10 5
Molly Findler W 200 IM 02:34.58
Molly Findler w 100 bk 01:11.77
Molly Findler W 400IM 05:26.87
Rebecca Beech W 50 fr 00:29.09 00:28.91 5
sam pearson M 200 IM 02:18.32 02:20.54 6
sam pearson M 100 Bk 01:04.72
sam pearson M 100 fly 01:02.89
sam pearson m 100 br 01:15.36
sam pearson m 200 fr 02:05.80
sam pearson M 100 fr 00:57.19
Samual Frearson M 100 Bk 01:07.46 01:08.04 8
Samual Frearson M 50 bk 00:31.24
Sophie Eley W 200 Br 02:53.90 02:51.76 3
Sophie Eley W 200 bk 02:32.99 02:30.90 6
Sophie Eley w 100 bk 01:10.90 01:11.08 7
Sophie Eley W 400IM 05:19.06 05:21.06 7
Sophie Eley W 50 Bk 00:33.41 00:33.70 7
Sophie Eley W 200 IM 02:34.63
Steven Barratt M 100 fr 00:57.23
Womens 14/16 200 fr team
Womens 14/16 400 free team
Womens 14/16 Med team
Womens 17+ 400 free team
Womens 17+ Med team
Mens 14/16 800 fr team
Mens 14/16 Med team
Mens 400 fr team 14/16
Mens 17+ Med Team
Mens 400 fr team 17+

Blog 2866: Nuneaton Accepted and Rejections

Please check the website   for the rejections and accepted entries.
Thank you


Blog 2865: Open Water Training Sessions

Details of this year's DASA Open Water Training Sessions in May and June can be found  here

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Blog 2864: Seating at Midlands

May I remind parents that during competitions they are a distraction to the swimmers. Whilst I have tolerated it at the past 2 open meets at Ponds Forge, Parents are to sit on the opposite side to the swimmers.This will probably be enforced the organizers anyway however any parents sitting on the same side as the swimmers will be asked to move.

Blog 2863: Test Week

Next week is test week for C,B, A and AGP squads. Please make sure you have full attendance next week so you can make every test. The results not only measure your improvement over the past 12 weeks but are used as guideline for squad moves. Missing a test will result in a lower score and you could miss the opportunity to move up because of this. The tests will be held during next week's sessions and no additional testing will be done either in the session or on another day. The dates for these weeks have been on the gala programme since September last year so it is your responsibility to make sure you are available for them.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Blog 2862: Diddy league round one

Well done to those swimmers who has competed in the first round of the Diddy league. Long Eaton came out winners against a group of clubs who have consistently produced great junior teams over the years. We won because of consistency, placing in the top 3 places, and only on odd occasions placing lower. Consistency is a key factor in any sport. Skills, technique, stamina, speed will not improve unless they are consistently trained, and you challenge yourself to make them better. The next round is in a few weeks, so ensure you are able to compete as I'm sure the next round will be equally as close as this round was.

Long eaton 215, Dronfield Dolphins 203, Etwall Eagles 199, Ripley 198, Notts Northern 82

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Blog 2861: Monday 2nd May

There will be NO am/pm swimming at West Park and
Trent College on Monday 2nd May as this is a Bank holiday.

Saturday morning training is still on at West Park.

Blog 2860: A and B Squad Sunday 1st May

This Sunday May 1st A and B squad will be able to swim in the 50m pool at Loughborough.

The times are as follows:
A squad will be in the pool, 3-4pm  followed by 4 - 5pm core work poolside.

B squad will be doing core work poolside 3 - 4pm followed by 4-5pm in the pool.

There will be NO Youth and Senior or Prestige swimming at Loughborough this Sunday due to the Midlands taking place.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Blog 2859: Queens Update

After speaking to the facility manager at Queens the prognosis was not as favorable as first hoped. Therefore Queens is temporary closed. There will be no training this Sunday at Queen street and the club are currently looking at alternative pool time to replace the lost sessions. Once we have the details we will announce it here.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Blog 2858: Queens Street

As you may of read in the paper Queens was evacuated today. Having spoken to the management the latest is that the engineers are in tomorrow and will make a descion about the pool after that, however the current view is that it should only be closed for a day or 2 and be ready to open prior to the weekend. Naturally should this change will keep you informed.

Just a reminder to A squad parents, this weekends session that is cancelled for Peterborough would of been cancelled for Rykneld anyway. As stated on numerous occasions over the last 8 years, when a squad should be competing then training is cancelled to allow the coach to be with that squad at competition. All planned cancellations are accounted for in your fees along with a estimation of unplanned pool closures therefore you are not out of pocket.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blog 2857: Weekend Training

There will be No swimming or land training on Saturday morning  23rd April at West park. Queens Street training on Sunday 24th will be for B squad only 4pm till 6pm

No other sessions will be affected.


Monday, 18 April 2016

Blog 2856: Viewing Gallery at West Park

The viewing gallery will be closed Tuesday the 19th April for the committee meeting.

Blog 2855: Midland Relays

I am still waiting for confirmation from the following swimmers

Mollie Daniels
Micheal Dakin
Adam Freundlich
Steven Barratt
Hannah Dowell
Chelsea Eley
Chloe Blaydon
Leanne Atkins

Saturday 30th April PM Womens 4 x 100 Medley Mens 4 x 100 Fr
Sunday 1st May PM Mens 4 x 100 Medley Womens 4 x 100Fr
Monday 2nd May AM Mens 4 x 200 fr PM womens 4 x 200 Fr

Blog 2854: Trent College Training Thursday 21st April

Trent College are using the pool this Thursday so training at  will be from 7-9pm.

Thank you


Blog 2853: Peterborough Gala Friday 22nd - Sunday 24th April

Please click on the link below for warm up times.