Monday, 5 October 2015

Blog 2670: Final meet of cycle one

The club will be entering a level 3 meet on the final weekend of this cycle so that everyone can finish it off with a race. The weekend will be 19th/20th of December which is the same weekend as Nationals. I will confirm over the next couple of days whether we are doing Chesterfield or Leeds that weekend.

Blog 2669: City of Leicester Meet

This meet is on the gala programme to give those swimmers close to Nationals a last shot at getting their qualifying times, also those swimmers with National times an additional race against high level opponents to sharpen them up for Nationals.

Blog 2268: DX Short Course Open Meet

Another amazing meet for LESC swimmers. Competing against high level opposition, LESC swimmers looked the part. Great skills and technical racing throughout the weekend with some really good early season results. Again we put a focus on Process instead of outcome and early season this is how it should be. I noticed a few other coaches who were there the previous weekend following suit this weekend with their swimmers. Right now we are setting up for the season ahead, building plans and pointing out areas of weakness that need improving. Those of you who have kept your process sheets, well done as these are a useful tool to look back and remind yourself what you as an individual need to be working on in training, be it underwater skills, quick rotation, reducing stoke counts or points of technique, these are your tools to quicker swimming. Remember the outcome (time) is a result of the process.

A gentle reminder that swimmers, from the moment they walk into a building for a gala to the moment they leave, they are representing LESC and as such I expect high levels of professionalism throughout. Not only being on time for pre pool, warm ups and pre race chats, but in behavior as well, wear your kit with pride, no walking around without it on, keep your area clean and tidy, lead the way and show other teams how professionals do it, do not stoop down to their levels, a clean area will have a psychological affect on your swimming in a positive manor, a messy one will deliver messy results. Being a champion is not about the lengths you do in a race but about the lengths you go to, to live as a champion all the time.

Blog 2667: Loughborough/Queens Street

Due to the Long Eaton Distance meet taking place this Sunday there will be NO training at Queens Street and Loughborough.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Blog 2666: DX meet 3rd/4th October

Please do not take any bags on poolside, and make sure that you are dry before entering the gym.

The warm up times for this weekend  gala are:
8.00am for 9.00am start
1.00pm for 2.00pm start

Please check the website for any warm up changes.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Blog 2665: Hell Week

Hell Week is a time honored tradition in all sports, it gives coaches a chance to push the envelop, raise the bar and use any other excuse to just batter their athletes. Personally I really don't like the idea of it in swimming as coaches tend to just go for ridiculous amounts of meters without thinking of the consequences. That being said I will be running one this year for Youth and Senior and YNS Prestige with an intensive of a T shirt saying that you survived hell week at the end of it. To get the T shirt you must complete every session and every challenge, we are looking at possibly diluting the challenges to the other squads but a lot of thought and planning will need to go into it to make it right for the age of swimmer. The week will be between 26th October and 1st of November. I am well aware that Ghoul in the pool is in this week and any necessary adjust will be made bearing in mind this is not a focus meet. Here are the challenges for Hell Week.

Monday am 50 x 50 off 50 every 5th rep fly 
Tuesday pm 10 x medley man ups 
Wednesday am 15 x 100 sock or trainer kick 
Wednesday pm 40 reps of 50 under 200 pace 
Thursday pm 10 mins vertical fly kick 
Friday am 20 x 100 im 
Friday pm 10 rounds of the undertaker 
Sunday 10 x 100 at pb + 12 or quicker

Gym for those in prestige will also be included in this. Turnaround times other than those mentioned will be decided at the session along with the rules for each challenge, some of which will need parental help in terms of recording etc. Once challenges are complete for the session swimmers can recovery.

Blog 2664: Team Kit

Swimmers at Arena League will be provided with a team T shirt to wear at all 3 rounds, this way we are ensuring all team members wear the same kit. If parents want a T shirt as well please contact me with your size Small, Medium or Large (these are screen stars, fruit of the loom t shirts, you now know as much as me about the sizes so please no dress size, age size or inch size orders) They will cost £5 each for parents.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blog 2663: Long Eaton Swimming Club Distance Meet Help Required!!!!

An urgent appeal for help at our annual distance meet 11th October at Queens Street.

We are short of officials, timekeepers, health and safety supervisors and an announcer for this event.

There are four sessions throughout the day 8.30, 11.30, 13.45 and 16.30.

If you have any spare time on that Sunday please volunteer to support this important event in the club's calendar.


Blog 2662:Arena Team B

The warm up time for the B Team is 6.15pm and not 6pm at Bramcote due to a pool party taking place.


Blog 2661: Derbyshire Sprints 50m Pool

Please find details of this gala on the following website

This will be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield and the date is Sunday 6th December, this a great meet and gives you all the chance to swim in a 50m pool.
The closing date for this gala will be 29th October 2015.
Cheques made payable to Long Eaton Swim Club


Blog 2660: Chesterfield Christmas Cracker Level 3 28th/29th November

Please find details on the following website for this meet

This is a first come first served gala so please can you let me have all your entries to me by 15th October 2015.

Please make cheques payable to Long Eaton Swim Club


Monday, 28 September 2015

Blog 2659: Arena League B Team

Here is the intial B team for the 1st round of Arena League 2015. The team are Bramcote with the warm up at 6:00pm

B Team

Hannah Searby
Elliott Box
Rachael Elder
James Paterson
Phoebe Fullerton
Frederick Buckingham
Emily Cragg
Joseph Searby
Kathleen Humphrey
George Buckingham

Lana Dilks
George Casartelli
Aine O'Regan
Sean Gallagher
Chloe Pearson
Joshua Davis
Imogen Mellor-Patching
Rory Batchelor

Alex Ketto

Lauren Searby
Theo Hamilton
Bethany Rae-Mclean
James Webster
Mollie Daniels
Daniel Foss
Catlin Hutcheson
Peter Softley
Anna Pancisi
Joshua Bestwick

Hannah Cox
Matt Leech
Chloe Blaydon
Sam Pearson
Chelsea Eley
Sam Parker
Leanne Atkins
Kye Hazelton

Callum Henley

Blog 2658: A Team Arena League Round 1

Here is the intial team for the first round of Arena league, the bus for wolverhampton leaves West Park at 4:30.

A team

Harmony Torrington
Harrison Frearson
Hannah Dodic
Luke Witten
Freya Birkin
Sky Torrington
Milly Wright
Finlay Moss
Pheobe Golton
William Baxter -reserve

Isabella Askham
Bradley Evans
Naomi Dilley
Thomas Strachan
Rebecca Beech
James Cox
Alesia Sollaku
Benjamin Webster

Imogen Whiting
Samuel Frearson
Sophie Eley
Joshua Beech
Sian James
Matthew Cross
Esther Halford
Rhys Llewellyn

Emily Osbourne
Kevin Wallbank
Helen Gorman
Ed Martin
Chloe Bates
Harry Charitos
Hannah Dowell
Steven Barrett

Blog 2657: Matlock Review

Early season racing is all about setting up for the season ahead. After a break and just getting back into training we, as coaches do not expect PB's at this time of year, thats why there was no PB train/count or tweets from Saturday. You may of noticed that neither myself or Alex had our stop watches on us, nor did we look at the score board all that often (habits are hard to break and we did occasionally check, instantly berating ourselves for doing so) but instead we focused on the process of racing and the development of race skills and race tactics, along with the professional attitude of the swimmers making sure they did the right things between races and were prepared and focused on every race. We handed out process sheets at the start of the day and asked the swimmers to fill in areas of races that they wanted to work on or that myself and Alex had discussed with them and regardless of the time if they worked on those skills they had a great race. They handed them into us before each race and we scored them on the processes during the race and fed that back to them afterwards. What this did was educate the swimmers on how to race and what they need to focus on and I have to say I was impressed by the vast majority in their efforts (some youth boys seemed to focus on other areas towards the end of the day, as boys do!). It looked from ground level like our skills were on top form throughout the day and even when swimmers were tired they were trying to maintain their skill level and processes. Both sessions finished with a Skins event and Long Eaton through Sam Pearson and Helen Gorman were second on the touch in both. Sam Pearson won top boy. A tremendous day of high quality racing from all Long Eaton swimmers and big thanks to all the volunteers from Team Manager Debbie to all the Officials who helped make this day as successful as it was.

Blog 2656: Loughborough Training Sunday 4th October

There will be NO training on Sunday at Loughborough due to the DX meet taking place. No other sessions will be affected.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Blog 2655: Found/Lost

Found in the sports hall at Matlock yesterday was a Beatbox case, also can swimmers check to see if they picked up a Long Eaton hat with a pair of black speedo mirrored goggles with a silver nose piece.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Blog 2654: Midland Championships

Please find here details of the Midlands Championships which are taking place at Nottingham on the 7th/8th November.

Please can I have all entries to me by the 19th October, please can you make sure that you fill in the entry form as I am unable to accept email entries. Cheques need to be made payable to Long Eaton Swim Club.


Blog 2653: Matlock Warm Up

The warm up for this weekends gala at Matlock is:
8.00am for 9.00am start
13.00 for 14.00 start. Please check as this time may change

As poolside space is limited, it may be an idea for you to take your drawstring bag, or a smaller bag with your hat goggles and towel etc.

There are lockers available or you may leave your larger items in the sports hall. Before entering the hall from the pool/changing rooms you must make sure you are dry and wearing footwear.
NO mobile phones, or devices with cameras are allowed on poolside.


Monday, 21 September 2015

Blog 2652: Nottingham Panthers Tickets

We have a pair of tickets to the Nottingham Panthers' game against the Sheffield Steelers on the 29th November.

Instead of the usual raffle we will be trying a 'reverse silent auction'

The winner of the auction will be the person who has submitted the lowest unique bid, i.e. the lowest bid no-one else has submitted.

Entry forms are available from squad reps or through this link

It costs just one pound with no additional charges, even if you win.

The ice hockey is a great night out and the Panthers can even boast that their team includes a former Long Eaton Swimmer

Post bids and entry fees in the club letter box

Blog 2651: Loughborough Training 27th September

Please be aware for this Sunday,  the time for training is 4.40pm - 6.30pm

Thank you