Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Blog 2262: Team Managers Course

Thank you for signing up to attend the Team Manager 1 course on Saturday 2nd May at Alfreton Leisure Centre.
The course starts at 9 am and aims to finish by 12 noon.
Please bring refreshments with you although there are vending machines available at the Leisure Centre.
All paperwork will be provided, but can you bring a pen with you.
The address for the Leisure Centre is:
Church Street
DE55 7BD
If you are no longer attending the course please let me know.
Thank you

Blog 2261: West Park Viewing Area Unavailable 7-9pm Tuesday 21st April

Please be advised that the upstairs viewing area at West Park will be unavailable this evening from 7-9pm due to our committee meeting. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Blog 2260: Rugby Open Meet 25th/26th April 2015

The address for this weekend's gala is:

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre
Bruce Williams Way
CV22 5LJ

The warm-up times for both Saturday and Sunday's morning sessions are 8.30am for 9.30am start,
 afternoon sessions are 2.15pm  - 3.15pm

We have been asked not to bring camping chairs onto poolside as they are providing wooden benches.

Remember NO mobiles or devices with cameras are allowed on poolside.

Thank you


Blog 2259: West Park and Queen Street

Please note that the sessions on Saturday 25th April at West Park and Sunday 26th April at  Queen Street are NOT ON , this is due to the gala taking place at Rugby.

Loughborough is still on.

Thank you


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Blog 2258: Fundraising for Kay

A big Thank You to everyone who sponsored today's Derby 10k run for the treatment for Kay Goulden.
The amount raised was an amazing total of £1183.63

Blog 2257: Lost

Please could swimmers check if they have picked up a red arena suit yesterday at Eckington, if so this belongs to katie Sanderson.
Thank you

Friday, 17 April 2015

Blog 2256: County Champs 2016

With the new changes coming into full affect from next season, all entry times for the County Championships must be on the ASA Rankings database. This is where our Club Championships play a vital role, as this is a gala you can enter every event at, even if you haven't competed in it before. This will give you a Rankings and base time that you can enter all other galas from. It is the intention of the club, as the gala programme has become crowded, to run our Distance Championships off the results of the Long Distance meet. To enter this we need to run time trials for those that haven't competed in the 400 IM, 400Fr, 800Fr or 1500fr. This will take place on Saturday mornings in June, with further details being announced nearer the time.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blog 2255: Camp 2016

A sheet will be going up on the board to see who would like to attend our overseas training camp in February 2016. Camps are open to any swimmer of the club who is 12 or over as at 31/12/2016. We are looking at either Dubai or returning to Pinecrest now we know what to expect there. Camp costs depend on the number of swimmers, exchange rates and what deals we can get on flights, accommodation etc. Last year's camp cost £1200 and was for 12 days. This figure can be brought down by fund raising events. Schools will allow swimmers to go to these camps in school time as it is considered external education.

Blog 2254: Fundraising Event

Some of you may know that one of our swimmers Kay Goulden is currently in hospital with CRPS. This is an illness that effects the nervous system and sends constant messages of pain to the brain. Kay has lost movement of her legs and upper body and it is now spreading to her arms as well. Chloe Blaydon is doing a sponsored run to raise funds and if you want to sponsor her please contact Debbie. The club are going to hold a Skins event to raise funds. Skins is a competition where 6 swimmers start and sprint a 50m swim with the last swimmer being eliminated each round till there is a winner. The races take places every 90 seconds and are a great test of tactics, speed and stamina. The plan is to hold this event Friday 22nd May 2015 during the Youth and Senior session at West Park between 8:00 and 9:30pm. It is open to all members of the club. Heats will be selected based on the strokes swimmers want to race in. To ensure everyone has a fair shot at winning each heat will be handicapped by way of staggered starts. Entry will be £5 per swimmer with the winner of each Skins event splitting the pot equally with the fund for Kaye's treatment. This will be a great way to come together as a club, benefit our swimmers and raise funds for much needed specialist treatment for Kaye which is not provided for on the NHS. Alternative training will be offered to Youth and Senior swimmers to replace this session.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blog 2253: Coventry Open Meet

For those wanting to enter this meet there doesn't seem to be a entry form. Please can you just print the events sheet and circle the swims that you are wanting to do.
Thank you

Blog 2252: Taunton Deane

Please can we have all entries to Taunton Deane for 23rd April as we want to finalise rooms and transport.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Blog 2251:Alternative to Lincoln Vulcans

As you are aware Lincoln Vulcans level 1 meet was cancelled. Having emailed several clubs and looked at whats available the best option to replace this meet for those close to the top 60 rankings time is Rotherham Metro meet at Ponds Forge. The purpose of this meet was to give a chance to gain or confirm places at either summer National or British Championships.This meet is fastest qualifiers only and are entries from 25m pools. Rotherham Closes this Thursday 16 th April. The secondary purpose was a last chance for age group qualifiers and as Rotherham is a week later the only other gala still open for entries on the correct dates is Coventry. So we will be using this as an alternative for those swimmers who entered Lincoln but are chasing Regional qualifying times not National. Entries need to be in by 17th April 2015.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Blog 2250: Lincoln Vulcans 9/10 May

We have just had notification that this meet has been cancelled. The cheques have not been cashed and I will destroy them. If you want the cheques back then please email me.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Blog 2249: Midland Relays

We are entering the following relays at Youth Midlands. If you are not available please let me know ASAP.

Mens 17/0 Medley and Free to be selected from
Adam Freundlich
Mischa Menzies
Callum Henley
Ryan Cendrowski
Steve Barrett
Matt Leech

Womens 17/0 Medley in race order
Josephine Parker
Helen Gorman
Chloe Blaydon
Hannah Dowell

Mens 14-16 Free and Medley teams in Medley order
Sam Frearson
Joshua Beech
Kye Hazelton
Oliver Tipping

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Blog 2248: Loughborough Training 12th April 2015

There will be no training at Loughborough this Sunday, the 12th April.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Blog 2247: Rugby Open Meet Accepted and Rejected Entries

Please see attached the lists of accepted and rejected entries for Rugby

"Dear Coaches, Secretaries and Parents,
We have had a very large number of entries into the Rugby Open this year, and have therefore had the painful job of rejecting swims. This is necessary to comply with ASA licensing requirements. We are sorry for any upset caused"

"Please find attached a list of accepted and rejected swims for distribution in your clubs.

Could I request that you avoid bringing a lot of camping chairs to the meet, as space will be limited around the pool. There will be wooden benches provided in addition to the flat ledges."

Friday, 3 April 2015

Blog 2246: Diddy League Selection Squad

Venue : Eckington Leisure Centre
Date: 18th April
Warm Up: 6pm

9 Years

Benjamin Mellor, Fred Buckingham, Sky Torrington

Tereza Mendoza, Scarlett Wood, Isobell Edwards

10 Years

Luke Witten, Harrison Frearson, Reeshav Mukherjee, Elliot Box

Phoebe Golton, Emilie Wright, Hannah Dodic, Emily Cragg, Freya Birkin

11 Years

Samuel Hardy, Benjamin Tipping, FInlay Moss, Joseph Searby

Harmony Torrington, Chloe Pearson, Imogen Mellor, Kathleen Humphreys

12 Years

Bradley Evans, Lewis Tipping, Joseph Pipes,

Isabella Askham, Katie Sanderson, Laura Ford

Thursday, 2 April 2015


Thursday's nights session at West Park for C squad is cancelled due to a burst pipe.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Blog 2244: And the Winners Are.....

Posted on behalf of Kim Coveney:

The Easter Raffle was drawn this evening at West Park by the Boys Junior Club Captain Ben Tipping.

The winning numbers are: -

1st Prize : Orange ticket 181 - 185
2nd Prize: Orange ticket 111 - 115
3rd Prize: Orange ticket 306 - 310

Additional prizes go to: -

Orange 231-235
Orange 206 - 210
Yellow 321 - 325
Pink 256 - 260

To those winners who would like prizes before Easter these will be available for collection from Trent college Thursday the 2nd April from 7pm until 8pm.

For those collecting after Easter they will be available Tuesday 7pm till 9pm Trent college, Wednesday 7.30 till 9.30 pm West Park, alternative arrangements can be made via email 

Many thanks to all of those who donated prizes and to those who bought tickets

All proceeds go to support club activities

Monday, 23 March 2015

Blog 2243: Sunday 29th March

There will be No training this Sunday at Loughborough. All other sessions are still on at West park and Queens Street.
Remember clocks go forward this Saturday night.